Welcome to Abnormal Psychology (PSYC 421)! 

Course Description:
This course offers an exploration of the major diagnostic categories and specific psychological disorders affecting humankind, with an emphasis on epidemiological factors, etiology, symptomatology, maintaining factors, pathological processes, and treatment. Additional attention will be given to differential diagnosis and comorbidities among disorders. Students will also receive an introduction to the DSM-5.

In this course, students will:

* Gain an understanding of the etiology, prevalence, epidemiology, symptomatology, and maintaining factors of the major psychological disorders, including gender/cultural variants were applicable.

* Receive an introduction to the use of the DSM-5, and develop initial skills in accurate diagnostic formulations.

* Exhibit an initial understanding of cutting-edge empirically supported treatments for the major psychological disorders.

* Use the writing process to produce well-articulated critical examinations of written work related to psychological disorders and pathological psychological processes.

* Engage in the scientific research process to gain an appreciation for scientific inquiry and development.

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