Welcome to Roots: Psychology! This exciting course provides an explanation and critical examination of selected concepts in the broad field of psychology. Students will examine the logic and methods of social science research and engage in analysis of contemporary social issues from the perspective of the discipline of psychology.

Our main course objectives are to:

  • Learn the basics of the scientific method and research methodology
  • Develop an awareness of learning paradigms and memory
  • Gain an understanding of major personality theories and several psychological disorders
  • Develop an introductory understanding of psychological aspects of stress and health
  • Gain an understanding of human development through the lifespan
  • Develop critical thinking skills as they apply to social science issues and research
  • Use the writing process to produce a well-articulated self-reflection paper that discusses five key psychological theories and some personal experiences that bring these theories to life
  • Engage in the scientific research process to gain an appreciation for scientific inquiry and development
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