What is sociology? What does it mean to think from a sociological perspective?  We all exist in the social world, but often the processes that make up that world are taken for granted. Sociologists research matters relating to the origin, persistence, and change is social norms, the composition of diverse populations, and the meanings attached to the social construction of various social problems, including racial, class, and gender inequality. This course is designed to provide you with a broad introduction to sociology using contemporary America as a case study. We will read a collection of readings each week, which will highlight important issues, theories, concepts, and methodologies in the field.  We will focus on several aspects of American society including, race, education, gender, social class, the family, and poverty. In the long term, the exposure to the sociological approach to social problems will provide a more thorough and nuanced understanding public issues that affect humans on both macro and micro levels.  3 credits.