Planning and design of highway bridge projects. Bridge Engineering will include analysis and design of both superstructure and substructure elements of bridges. Design will be based on LRFD and the specifics of bridge loading according to AASHTO LRFD specifications. 

Course Objectives: 

 · To provide the student with an introductory overview Highway Bridge Structures. 

· Review general structural behavior of elements (axial/tension/compression/bending) to be applied to bridge engineering design concepts. 

· Discuss the overall use and functionality of bridge structures as well as upfront work that goes into a bridge project from inception. 

· Review the analysis of bridges from a local and global perspective. (dead load, live load, wind, seismic.) 

· Review specific bridge component design approaches for: Superstructure, Substructure, and Foundations. This will include deck design, girder design, cross-frame/diaphragm design, bearing design, pier design, pile cap design, and foundation design. 

· Understand the main driving factors that drive the design today.