Course Description 

The aim of the course is to make the Students acquainted with the basic concepts of economics and establish their interest in this field. The course will be divided into two sections:

1. Macroeconomics;

2. Microeconomics; 

The course illustrates the way in which economists view the world. You will learn about basic tools of micro- and macroeconomic analysis and, by applying them, you will understand the behavior of households, firms and government.

 Course Learning Objectives

 In terms of knowledge: 

·         Understand basic economic terminology (jargon) and use it in appropriate contexts.

·         Understand how markets and the price mechanism function.

·         Describe the behavior of both the Macro and Micro Environment.

·         Recognize the major macro-economic indicators for economic activity.

·         Understand the impact of economic policies on firms and households.

 In terms of skills  

·         Think through economic decisions faced in personal and professional life.

·         Apply economic tools to formulate and solve economic problems.

·         Deliver written reports that meet set quality standards under strict deadlines.

·         Communicate effectively both orally and in writing on various economic topics.

·         Being up-to-date with recent economic development by consulting the economics and financial press on a regular basis.