The AS400 is designed to help students comprehend the basic elements of national security policy and the governmental process.  The student should know basic air force domain operations as well as understand selected roles of the military in society and current domestic and international issues affecting the military profession. Cadets should understand the responsibility, authority, and functions of an Air Force commander and selected provisions of the military justice system. The final portion of the AS400 course is designed to prepare cadets for life as a second lieutenant.  Topics within this section will be chosen by the instructor based on the student population to help cadets prepare to transition from civilian life to military life.

As part of AFROTC and school requirements, cadets will participate in mid-term counseling with their instructor. As AS400 students in the fall semester, all cadets will provide a Form 48 with validation from their school academic advisor (signed copy, digital signature, email validation, etc) that the student is on-time to graduate in the Spring semester.  Failure to bring the required documents will reduce student participation grade and the counseling will be rescheduled