PSCM 326.01: Intercultural Communication is in compliance with the college-wide core competencies (CWCCs) of Manhattan College.  The students' assignments will be artifacts for the Middle States Higher Commission  on Higher Education (MSCHE) self-study and the assessment of targets of measurement of the School of Continuing & Professional Studies (SCPS).  

The Camino program is an integral undergraduate program of SCPS. Therefore, undergraduate students of Camino are required to be in compliance with the College's policies, including the protocols for the COVID-19 return campus.

PSCM 326.01 is an upper-level undergraduate course. 

1. This course introduces students to the cultural factors that affect professional and workplace communication in a variety of settings. 

 2. Students learn to identify differences in cultural communication patterns as well as strategies for dealing with cultural differences at the interpersonal, team and organizational levels. Course Content Learning Goals: Critical Thinking Skills

 By the end of this course, students will be to: 

  • Describe how culture helps determine the ways in which people communicate. 
  • Specify how cultures differ, according to well-known descriptive frameworks.